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About Our Sunday Services

The First Unitarian Universalist Church of Lubbock is a lay-led congregation.  We lead ourselves without a full-time minister.  Unitarian Universalism has a proud history of congregational lay leadership. Our Sunday Services Committee is responsible for planning our Sunday morning services. This committee’s role and purpose is to:
•    Provide services every Sunday morning throughout the year. This includes planning for both speakers and service leaders.
•    Ensure a safe shelter (a sanctuary!) during the service for all who attend.
•    Incorporate UU faith development. Our intent is to connect the day’s message to our principles, sources and/or Unitarian Universalist history.
•    Explore ideas, including different faith traditions.
•    Inform and enlighten our church community about ideas and issues in our world. 
•    Advocate ideas and challenge us to live our values.
We deliver services every Sunday morning throughout the year at 11:00AM in our lovely and welcoming sanctuary.  Services will often include music, readings, meditation, and a message or sermon. Service leaders generally choose readings and other elements of the service to complement the message of the day. Speakers include congregational members, individuals from the Lubbock community, visiting clergy, and Unitarian Universalist Association staff and consultants.  Topics have a wide range.

Consider becoming a member of this committee! Email uulubbockoffice@gmail.com if you're interested.

11 a.m. Sundays

11/11     Veteran's Day/ Women in the Military and #MeToo- Ashley Kuehl 

​​​​11/18     JFK- Josh Salmans

11/25     Giving Thanks- Francesca Di Poppa

12/2       Standpoint Epistemology- Mark Webb

12/9       Greening the Church- Kristina Mitchell