We nurture.

We learn.

We Act.

Where religion intersects other aspects of our culture as well as our own paths towards truth and meaning.

11/11 Biases- Lindsey Gage

​11/18 Artificial Intelligence- Sean Choate

11/25 Holiday's and the Family Gathering- Judy Brown

12/2 Other Perspectives- Jackie Driskill

​12/9 Philosophy of Ernie- Sean Choate

Children's Education is offered for ages 4 and up

Cubbies: Myself, My Friends & the World We Share

Youth: Tapestry of Faith - Riddles and Mysteries

Nov 18, 

- Potluck

- Humanist Meeting at 1pm 

We are a lay led congregation, with Sunday Service speakers from our church community as well as guests.

​11/11 Veteran's Day / Women in the Military #MeToo- Ashley Kuehl

11/18 JFK- Josh Salmans

11/25 Giving Thanks- Francesca Di Poppa

12/2 Standpoint Epistemology- Mark Webb

​12/9 Greening the Church- Kristina Mitchell

Sunday Schedule